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NAMM Show 2016 Recap


First off, Case Labels USA wants to extend a huge thank you to NAMM for allowing us to be a part of the NAMM Show 2016! It was truly amazing. The people, the music, and the passion were infectious. Plus, Anaheim’s sun and palm trees were a nice change of pace from the wintry weather of Wisconsin. But that’s just the cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness that was the NAMM show.

Coming back from Cali might not have as pleasant as going, but Kari and Wendy were glad to hold down the booth for Case Labels USA at the show. While there they got the full experience of NAMM. Their favorite part of the show? The people. People make music and band together, regardless of their lifestyle, because of their love for music. Whether they are young, old, rockers, suits, grunge, retro, or even a zombie doctor they share the love of music. Surrounded by an eclectic mix of people allows for different thoughts and styles which led to a lot of impromptu jam sessions.

People crowded around a booth at the NAMM show.

There is never a shortage of music at the NAMM show.

A zombie doctor at the NAMM show

There was even a zombie doctor at the NAMM show. They’re everywhere!

NAMM show booth with string instruments.

Instruments galore stuff the booths of the NAMM show.

Being next to a booth for bass amps, Kari and Wendy got to listen to many a jam sesh. They said it was one of the best parts of being at the NAMM show.

A large 8-string bass being showcased at the NAMM show.

If you have a big hat, you need a big bass.

A circle of musicians jamming at the NAMM show.

All walks of life enjoying pick up jam sessions at the NAMM show.

Plus, we got to Cool thing about our labels? You can write on them with permanent marker! At first glance, many thought that our labels are dry-erase, but they actually are meant to be used with permanent marker. That way your info stays on the label and can’t be rubbed off until you’re ready to change it. Our labels may not have been for everyone at the NAMM show, but it was pretty great to show off our case labels and our other products to those who could make use of them. For everyone who stopped by at booth #1092, thank you. And another BIG thank you to the NAMM show!

If you didn’t get a chance to see us at the show check out our products. We have a lot more than just Case Labels like DMX labels, Logo labels, and our new Cable labels. All designed to keep track of your gear and save headaches. Case Labels USA, the new aspirin.

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