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Design & Durability: Sleek Case Label Designs of 2016

An Eye for Design

Since launching our Custom Case Label Configurator in the summer of ’16 we have seen some really fresh and eye-catching case label designs. Our labels are designed to be durable and clear with vital information so there is minimal confusion before an event. We designed the base product, but our customers took it to the next level. These labels down below really POP! Whether you want custom backgrounds, custom fields, custom shapes, or even custom colors we’re happy to oblige. You can even combine logo labels and case labels by upping the size of your logo on the case label. Or if you’re really proud of your logo like Felix Lighting, go big! Hopefully these pieces can inspire a little creativity when creating your own label. If you have something in mind, try it out on our configurator.

Our favorite Case Label Designs of last year

Work with us to come up with a label that suits your needs and displays your style. As you can see, we can craft a label in a variety of different backgrounds and whatever configuration of fields that you deem necessary. Black labels look super sharp, and don’t worry about marker showing up. Simply get your hands on a silver Sharpie and then your case looks even sleeker. We always love trying new iterations of our case label designs and we embrace the challenge trying something new. We are looking forward to the style and design that 2017 will bring so get creative! Give us a challenge! And not just with case labels, but all of our other products. Here are our favorite logo labels and one sharp looking DMX label. We like some so much that we’ve put them on our trade show road case!

Logo Labels & DMX Labels


2017 is going to be a big year for Case Labels USA. We are excited for what’s in store and we will gladly continue to help those that bring their gear on the road. If you want to stay connected, drop by our Facebook page and give us a like!

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