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Booth 2.0: Upping our Trade Show Booth


Remember our Trade Show Booth Last Year?

This was our booth at LDI 2015. It was a little basic compared to most booths at the show. We were rookies in the trade show game, so for our first outing we were pretty proud of our display. To be in Vegas showing off our labels was a learning experience for sure. There were a couple aspects that we were ill prepared for, unfortunately. Banners were up, case displayed, everything looked great. Then they turned the lights off in the exhibit hall. At a lighting show they turned off the lights so companies could show off their lightwork. Who’d have thought? In a hasty decision our lighting was less than ideal. Headlamps were placed on the floor below the banners to light them up. Headlamps. They weren’t cutting it. It was dark and dingy.

But we learned from our mistakes. We have new banners to highlight all of our products¬†with professional lighting (no headlamps this time!). We even have a TV displaying a Case Labels video. How’s that for an upgrade? To see the booth you’ll have to visit us at the show, or wait until after the show when we post some pictures. I know that’s breaking the what happens in Vegas rule, but it’s worth sharing.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to see how we implemented a big upgrade to our trade show booth. To learn more about LDI and who is exhibiting along with Case Labels USA head over to their site!

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