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Do you make any other sizes besides those listed on your website?

Absolutely, we can also custom make the case label that will fit your exact need or application.  Just call or email and ask for custom pricing.

Do I need a specific type of marker to write on your case labels?

Nope!  We recommend using a Sharpie permanent marker in any color or style that works for you.

What do I use to remove the marker when I’m ready to re-use my label?

We recommend using isopropyl alcohol to remove the marker.  It will easily remove the previous information and leave you ready to re-use.

How do I remove the foam adhesive from my case?

We utilize the foam adhesive because of its aggressive nature, so there is no magical way to remove the labels.  It takes a bit of tenacity and hard work with adhesive removers.  Depending on the application surface removers, such as Goo Gone, will accelerate the process.

What is the overall thickness of your case labels?

With the adhesive, vinyl, and overlaminate, the total thickness of our labels is .056 inches.

Are your labels made here in the United States?

Yes!  We produce our case labels in our manufacturing facility in LaCrosse, Wisconsin!

FAQs - redbox1280x20.jpg
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