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2017 Summer Music Festivals

Dust off the sunglasses, break out the self-made jorts, stock up on the sunscreen, start making your flower crowns, and start working those biceps for curling overpriced festival food & beer into your mouth because the season of 2017 summer music festivals is upon us. Year after year summer music festivals are getting bigger and […]

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Treating the Concert-Goer with Tech

As the summer sun grows hotter, music festivals and concerts do as well. Artists and festivals alike want to provide a truly unforgettable experience for concert-goers. To make these exclusive events unforgettable many companies are riding the tech wave of the 21st century and providing concert technology as a means to enhance the experience of […]

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Stadium tours and road cases

As music acts try to outdo one another, they typically go for the largest stage possible. This means playing venues that can hold tens of thousands of people – sometimes 100,000 or more. The larger size means bands can sell more tickets and reach a wider audience while tailoring their show to meet the demands […]

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