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Cable Labels: A Guide to Fewer Lost Cords & Less Confusion (Infographic)

Why use Cable Labels?

Here’s an answer. Countless reasons. Cable labels can achieve a multitude of things and make organizing productions easier with less snags to make each gig go along with minimal hiccups. In a perfect world every show would go without a hitch. Everything goes according to plan. This is ideal, but unfortunately that’s not the case. There are last minute changes and problems that arise that require crunch time decisions. These decisions can be handled easier when all other pieces are in place. ¬†Gear labels, especially cable labels, ensure that everything is in the place it needs to be to keep shows organized and minimize headaches.

You might be thinking it’s a bit of a stretch claiming that something so simple as gear labels can make a show run that much smoother. But when dealing with all the gear for a production it’s a lot easier to put out one fire rather than multiple fires (hopefully not literal fires, though…). Organization is vital. Cable labels satisfy that need. They’re clear. They’re rugged. They’re essential. With each cable labeled there’s no more guessing length, cable type, or even who owns it.

What makes them better than tape?

For starters, our cable labels are loads more durable than just tape. They will hold up under the conditions that surround the cords and the gear. When it’s humid or wet, the cords get hot, or even when they get knocked around a bit, cable labels with hold up to the rigorous conditions and still display the specs needed. Those specs can be whatever you want to display on them. Put your company name on them to ensure they stay with you and your crew and don’t get packed up with another crew’s gear.

Cable labels keep you organized and your gear in the right hands. If you still have more questions check out the infographic below!

CABLE LABELS: A GUIDE TO FEWER LOST CORDS & LESS CONFUSION | FED UP WITH REPLACING CABLES? | Of course, AV gear is expensive. Stop playing the "Whose is whose?" game at the end of a gig. Wrap the ends or length of your cables to display all the needed info about each cord. No more guessing. | WHAT INFORMATION DO I LIST? | Whatever you want. They're your labels and we are ready and willing to make custom orders at any time. | HERE'S AN EXAMPLE: | (picture of sample cable label) Company logo to show whose cable it is. Length of cable. Over laminate to wrap around the label to protect it over time. Color coded for cable type or other important info. | WORK WITH US| We can manufacture any label to fit your needs. Whatever cable you use, we can label them. | Case Labels USA makes labels for life on the road. Experience how our labels can save you headaches and time during set up and take down. We have Case Labels for your cases, DMX Labels for your lights, Cable Labels for your cables, Logo & Equipment Labels for your gear, and Metal Business Cards for you. Shop now and order right online!



Our cable labels aren’t the only thing that can make life on the road easier. Swing by our other products that have been designed with industry pros to see the other ways that we can help with your gear. Our case labels are even fully customizable right here on the site!

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