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How Easy is it to use a Case Label? (Infographic)

What are Case Labels?

Case Labels are rugged, long-lasting labels that are made to be slapped on a road case to display all the information needed about what is inside, which event it is needed at, where it’s going, and the logo of your company. They are slick and make life on the road that much easier. With case labels you can let your mind rest easy knowing that everything is where it should be.

Gearing up for gigs can be stressful. Each case carries different gear and sometimes it’s a shell game trying to find exactly what you are looking for. When it’s crunch time you don’t want to waste your time by opening up each case rifling through its contents like a madman. We want to help and make sure that doesn’t happen. That’s why we make Case Labels. They’re durable, re-usable, and did we mention they can be customized with your logo? You can doctor them up with as much flash or simplicity that you like. That’s the benefit of our customization.

Gone are the days of layering piece after piece of masking tape on cases just to tear it off and use more tape. Granted making a giant tape ball is fun, but case labels are your go-to when needing a way to label cases that is simple and quick. Not only are our sticky headache savers easy to use, but they are also are tough. Even through the rigors of touring are full of bumps, rubbing, and scrapes our labels will still display what you had written on them. You can’t expect the same from tape.

Below you’ll find an infographic describing the steps needed when using a case label.

Case label simple as infographic


Head on over to our products page to check them out and order yours today! Our in-stock labels come in two different sizes, but if you want something a little different we would be happy to make it for you! Be sure to check out our other products to learn how they can organize your gear even further.

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