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How does Dave Matthews Band Handle a Big Summer Tour?

Dave Matthews Band Case Labels

The summer season is concert season! Whether you’re gearing up for a festival or a tour I’m sure that you have quite the packing list ahead of you. There’s one crew that definitely has a full summer and that is Dave Matthews Band. The wheels of their summer tour are already spinning, and at a break-neck speed at that. In the month of July DMB has a fast and furious stretch of concerts down the east coast of the nation. Seventeen concerts in thirty-one days!

Dave Matthews Band in WA


Many concerts and travel stuffed into few days is a tall order, but the crew for the band is willing and able to give fans what they want: the best Dave Matthews Band show they have ever seen. Check out the bright and shining faces of the crew behind the concert magic. All these crew members can put on a hell of a show as you can see from the photos. This gigantic crew is well equipped with top notch gear. They’re not shy about it either. All the audio, visual, and band equipment they use is listed loud and proud right here.


Dave Matthews Band Case Labels


Looking at all that gear knowing that it needs to be packed up and hauled to a new city the next day can make you sweat. A lot. But don’t let your nerves get the best of you. This crew doesn’t. They are equipped with their very own custom case labels so that each case and each piece of gear is in order. Check them out.


DSCN5799 DSCN5795


Case Labels make life on the road easier. They’re simple to use and stand up to the rough conditions of transport. If you have a show coming up, big or small, keep the stress to a minimum with some case labels.


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